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Another economically depressed day...


Did some quality work with Daoud from Art Sorority for girls yesterday mixing in some piano tracks. I can only hope that these tracks will reach public consumption before the end of the year. In the meantime you can catch demo versions of some the songs here: http://www.myspace.com/artsororityforgirls

I saw Daoud play some songs with another favorite of mine (Dibs) at the sidewalk last night. They called themselves the Sticky Bandits and like another cool band I know consisted of just guitar and drums. They took full advantage of each ones abilities to play guitar and drums by switching back and forth. They had a nice raw early K records vibe and finished with a nice cover of the Moldy Peaches "Lucky Number 9."

Had a coffee at Cafe Pick Me Up with Nan today. Before that we got a sandwich at one of our favorite local restaurants called Angelina. Needless to say it was totally dead. You would have thought we were movie stars or something the way the waiter thanked us repeatedly for having lunch there. I was feeling kind of stressed out about stuff. We were talking about how it seems like almost everyone we know is unemployed. I read something today about a DIY recording studio getting robbed in Bushwick. I'm really trying to snap out of it but it just seems like everywhere you turn things are kind of bleak. Nan is so good to talk to. No matter how bad stuff gets he smile always makes me feel better.

By the way. If anyone is reading this knows anyone who wants to sublet a very nice 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of Manhattan's Lower East side anytime between March 20th and April 27th drop me a comment here. We could probably do the whole month of April if needed.

Been watching a lot of this guy lately and strangely enough it's not really making me feel better.