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Music Communities/Tour Pics

I couldn't help but keep seeing this event as inspiring and slightly heartbreaking at the same time. There entire night was an interesting combination of anxiety and ambition. At the end of the evening everyone got on stage and took pictures and then it became almost the confessional for people to talk into the mic about all of their aspirations and how much they appreciate each other. It was touching. As I walked home from the gig my perspective kept widening on the evening. I was both inspired and slightly saddened. A lot of these rappers were clearly just imitating their heroes while others had something special but maybe didn't have the confidence to attract the attention. There were a couple of older people lurking in the wings. Some appeared to be relatives or fans. Others appeared to be playing the part of big time rap producers cruising the club for the next Jay Z. I've always been a big supporter of local music scenes. Watching this one as an outsider gave me kind of a unique perspective on them. I kept thinking about Nan's rapping and how it would blow their minds to see her up there. I wonder if Green Eyes would ever give her shot? Considering the testosterone flying around that night I was leaning towards maybe not...but you never know? Watching this event sort of corresponds with some feeling that I've been getting in my own personal creative musical path. I think a great supportive local music scene is a wonderful thing but it's important to see it for what is. I suppose its different things to different people at different times. For me it is a platform to hone your craft. I think if you really want to make performing music your life you have to learn how to step out of your community and get into other ones. This can be really hard sometimes. Communities don't always like outsiders first off. You're community might feel abandoned. In closing I think musical communities are so good for creativity in it's early stages. I think if you don't respect local communities you run the risk of sounding hollow. But the more you stray from the nest the more potential there is for growth. It can be an uncomfortable process.
Southern Fried Schwervon! Tour
Our first show in Baltimore was at Charm City Art Space. It was not so well attended but we met two great bands called Silence Kid and The Degenerettes. The Degenerettes let us crash at their place. After the show we had beers on their porch and had a really nice chat.
The Degenerettes House
Joao had to sleep on the porch because he was allergic to the cat. He said he didn't mind but it's hard to tell.