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MMM Huggabroomstock Poem/Schwervon Tour Starts this week!

Here's my poem from Saturday's show at Goodbye Blue Monday.

8_13_11 (Huggabroomstock)

Broomstock shroomstock
Bride and groom stock
Rock Stock and two smoking barrels
Long live with two smoking Carrows
Prosper and book those Porsperos
Put it in your bones and feel it in your marrows
Clear it with Clarance and deal it to the Darrows
Shove it in your pie hole and tip with your arrows
We don’t need heroes or pharaohs
We need menos muchacho, más muchacha
Y diverso dinero
Broomstock, cock block
Schlock rock, Shamrock

Don’t wait in line for half the time
Just get up there and bust your rhyme
It doesn’t matter what your say
Your friends will clap
The birds will crap
There is no map
Sit on my lap
You sap

Hugga, mugga, bugga
You big fat lugga
You’re sweet enough my shugga
Sweep out beneath the rugga
Coffee up your mugga
And give the rope a tugga

Bright day, light day, give up on the fight day
Have a drink of water, father
Loosen up your collar
Tip yourself a dollar
Why not make it two
What else you gonna do?
Schwervon! Southern Fried Summer Fun Tour starts this week!
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