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Schwervon! Poster for Memphis/Clear Mind

Cool new poster for Schwervon! show in Memphis on Aug. 22nd. thanks to:

Here's a poem I wrote at the last Sidewalk Exodus at Tribes on Monday:


My mind is clear.
I have nothing in my mind
Totally clear.
Not a thought.
Not a care
No wishes or desires.
I'm not even thinking about what I'm going to say.
Everything just comes out and goes with absolute balance.
You think I'm a liar.
Okay...that's the first thought that has entered my mind.
I know you would disagree.
You would say that the first thought
that entered my mind
was that my mind was totally clear.
Okay, Mr. Know It All.
You win...okay?
Does that make you feel good?
You think you're so cool don't you.
Does it feel cool to know
you just totally harshed my mellow?
Is that a good feeling?
What kind of sick fuck gets off on making people feel bad?
That's so not cool man.
I don't care what you say.
If I wanna say I have a clear mind
then I can have a clear mind
and you can just piss off!
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