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Retroactive Trip to Russia Blog: Day 3/4/5 (June 23/24/25)

I'm finally wrapping this up after a lot of distractions.
You can catch up/refresh with DAY 1 & 2 here:

The first day with Lulu, after returning from the orphanage, was kind of a blur. Going to bed around 8pm and then waking up at 5am combined with the Russian summer lack of darkness was a bit disorienting. We had a required visit from a Doctor in the morning. He seemed very much in a hurry. He said he had already seen 5 babies that morning. He talked very fast and after a little poking and prodding he gave Lulu a clean bill of health and asked for his envelope of 400 rubles in cash and he was on his his way. Then we met with Michael, the driver. He briefed us about our trip the the US Embassy the next day. It was during this time that I learned Lulu's fascination with looking at herself in the mirror. We sat and played in front of the mirror while Michael and my sister went over some papers. Then we went for a little walk and got a pizza and some beers. I don't remember a lot after that. Lulu did pretty good on her first stroller ride. Luckily there were mirrors at the pizza place.

The next morning we woke up bright and early and went to the US embassy where we could get official papers that would declare Lulu a dual citizen of the US and Russia. It was fascinating. There were about 10 other people adopting babies as well on the just that day.

After the Embassy we met Vera and Misha for a little walk around Moscow.
This is a statue of a famous Russian author that is very close to the hotel. I forgot his name.
And we're off!
This is a statue of Pushkin. Sort of hard to tell. I want to read some of his stuff.
We headed towards Red Square, probably the most popular tourist attraction in Moscow. On the way we saw these Stalin/Lenin impersonators. I feel kind of bad because I think I was supposed to give them money for taking their picture.
Whoop there it is!
Break dancing Russian kids.
It was supposed to be good luck to stand in this circle. I don't remember why.
Lenin's tomb.
The Kremlin.
I forgot the name of this church but it was very beautiful.
We had lunch at a restaurant right next to the church. Lulu was getting tired.
3 armed Lulu.
We took the subway back to the hotel. The subways in Moscow are very nice.
Misha and Lulu on the escalator.
Then we said goodbye to our Russian guides. Vera and Misha were so kind to us. I hope I get to meet them again some day. Vera was nice about talking and translating between Misha and me.
By the way Misha writes songs and plays music as well. It's really cool. Here is a video for one of his songs. Vera painted the backgrounds. You can click on the red "CC" in the menu bar for the English subtitles. There's something about hearing this style of music in the Russian language that sounds so haunting. Of course the fact that it's a song about a Vampire sort of does this too.

Here's another one. Misha told me it's a cover by Alexander Vertinsky. I'd never heard of him before.

Our last morning in Russia it rained.
It felt a little sad to be going so soon. There seemed like so much there that I didn't get to see. I wanted to talk to more people and to learn more about the history of Russia from someone who was really there. But it was kind of difficult since I couldn't read or speak Russian. For the most part, people there seemed very similar to anyone else in a big city. It was a mild revelation for me since for my whole younger childhood I was told that the Russians had bombs pointed at us.
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