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"Government is the means by which state policy is enforced, as well as the mechanism for determining the policy of the state."

There's something that keeps coming up in this US debt ceiling debate that has been bugging me. When speaking of "Government," people act like it's this separate entity from themselves: "The Government is out of touch... Government is inefficient... Government is broken..." We've created this dynamic now where "The Government" is something to be feared or overcome. I thought government was supposed to be us? I though it was there to save us from tyranny in all of its forms. Every time we buy something or get paid through work we are supporting the government. There's really no way around it. There's nothing that large corporate entities would like more than for us to lose faith in Government. Less government means less accountability to our fellow humans. Government is an ever evolving concept that needs to be under constant scrutiny as we evolve. It's not always efficient. It's not always pleasant. It's not government that's the problem. It's the people who represent us in Government. I think that's important distinction to make. To lose faith in government is to lose faith in ourselves. What else do we have that binds this social contract between us and those less fortunate? There appears to be so much broad criticism of government these days. I think it would be much more beneficial to start taking a slightly deeper look as some of the compartments of our government, like say maybe our financial institutions? The people that run government are just like you and me. We are their bosses. If we don't like the job that they are doing we are obligated to let them know. We shouldn't just blame the job.
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